Talking about My Generation


Helping Millennials Avoid Other People’s Mistakes (OPMs)

Millennials represent the largest segment of the population. They will set the trends for the next 50 years, but can they avoid the financial pitfalls that tripped up earlier generations? Here’s some helpful tips. Millennials are now the largest segment of the population, and with that distinction comes responsibility. As a group, they’ll define how [...]

Millennials Opt for Alternative Financial Solutions

Millennials prefer the ease and convenience of Alternative Financial Solutions (AFS) for their financial management strategy. Alternative financial solutions (AFS) are means to an end for those trying to make ends meet. These payday loans and check-cashing outlets are high-cost, low-value products and services that are a last resort for most. In the long run, [...]

5 Reasons Millennials Need Life Insurance

I received one of those calls this afternoon. It’s the type of call that you never expect and seems to bring life to a halt. I graduated from small high school in Newberg, OR. One of my 11 former classmates was walking home from work, was hit by a car who had run a red [...]