How Much Do You Need to Save For Retirement?

Saving for retirement can be stressful. It’s like running a long-distance race without knowing how far you have to run. Mile-marker after mile-marker, you wonder when you’ll finish. Are you running fast enough to win? Are you running so fast that you’ll exhaust yourself before reaching the finish line? Striking the right balance between living [...]

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Women continue to earn less money than men, but the gender pay gap extends beyond the workplace. It significantly impacts retirement savings. It’s a well-documented fact. Through their working lives, women earn less than men.1 While it’s difficult for women who still work, the gender pay gap is a greater problem for retiring senior women. [...]

Retirement Gender Gap

Women from all generations have reason to be concerned about whether or not they’ll be ready for retirement due to the retirement gender gap. The annual Gender Gap in Financial Wellness report found encouraging signs of slight narrowing of the divide between men and women in 2015.1 Despite this good news, women still have a [...]

Warding off Threats to Your Retirement

With Proper Planning and Commitment, You Can Avoid Threats to Your Retirement If you ask 10 people how they’d like to spend their retirement, you’d get an equal number of different answers. But whether it’s traveling the world, or living a comfortable life closer to home, most will agree, they want to be financially secure [...]