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5 Things to Know About Filing a Tax Extension

Regardless of the Reason, on April 18, if You’re Not Ready, You May Need to File for a Tax Extension. A tax extension is sometimes a necessary reality of our busy lives.  In a perfect world, all of your supporting tax documents would compiled, neatly filed and labeled, ready to be delivered to your tax preparer on January [...]

What’s Your Number – Do You Know Your Credit Score and How It Impacts Your Financial Future?

The Power of Your Credit Score Should not be Underestimated Your credit score is a three-digit number that reflects your individual creditworthiness. It quantifies the likelihood that you will be able to repay your credit obligations in a timely manner and is the best prediction of risk a lender can assume when extending credit to [...]

Financial Resolutions

Make Financial Fitness Your Goal for 2016 by Setting and Keeping Financial Resolutions The beginning of each new year is traditionally reserved for making resolutions, usually of the personal kind. Exercise more. Eat less. But this year, we’d like for you to consider setting financial resolutions that will help get your finances back in shape. [...]