Money 101


Stories about the basics of good money management.

Understanding How Credit and Debt Work Can Lead to a Brighter Future

It’s important to thoroughly review credit card and loan offers before signing on the dotted line. When you understand how credit and debt work, you can keep your finances on track. Have you ever wanted or needed something and not had enough money to purchase it with cash? Sure. It could be as small as [...]

Banks and Credit Unions Can Help You Build a Secure, Financial Future

To make smart choices about your finances, you need to understand how banks and credit unions work. With this knowledge, put them to work for you and build a secure financial future. Your financial well-being depends heavily on a healthy balance of spending, saving and investing. When it comes to finances, however, many are hesitant [...]

Create a Financial Budget that Helps You Live Below Your Means

Wealth is not simply your income, it’s also the money you accumulate through savings and investments. When you create a financial budget, you can grow your wealth by living below your means. Most people believe that wealth is measured by the amount of money you earn. Although that may be a factor, the more accurate [...]

Setting Financial Goals Today Can Lead to a More Secure Future

It’s important to be SMART when it comes to setting financial goals. It’s the key to creating a successful and secure future. I think most people would likely agree that we all have goals in life. Ask how they’re achieving those goals, and you might learn why so many people play the lottery. Wishful thinking [...]

Needs vs. Wants: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to needs vs. wants, most people know the difference, if they’re honest with themselves. That is, unless the want is so great that they convince themselves that it really is a need. How often do you catch yourself saying, “I need … a new outfit, a new golf club, or the latest [...]