Life Insurance


How To Catch Up On College Savings

If you’ve fallen behind on college savings, don’t panic. Know that you’re not alone – it’s easy to put off saving for college when you’re more worried about teaching your children the ABC’s than the SAT’s.  We’ve already looked at how much you should have saved – roughly $2,000 per year after your child is [...]

How Life Insurance Protects in Life and Death

Understanding how life insurance protects in life and death is the first step in creating a strong financial strategy for you and your family’s future. In simpler times, families relied on retirement plans, defined benefit plans and social security in times of need. Today, the economy has changed and there’s a strong push to become [...]

Have a Boomerang Kid? You Still Need Life Insurance.

When adult children struggle financially, they look to the parents for support. This is true of the boomerang kid and the ones who live on their own. As a rule, the fewer dependents and debts you have, the less insurance you need. You reach retirement. You’ve paid off the home. Your children are grown and [...]

Growing Families Need Life Insurance

Parents make sure they have proper health care coverage, but few consider that growing families need life insurance, too. Starting a family is an important step. With it comes a whole new level of responsibility. Your child, or children, will depend upon you physically, emotionally, and financially. One of your greatest responsibilities is protecting your [...]

Living Benefits: Insurance for Life

Purchasing life insurance with living benefits can help make day-to-day finances more manageable during a medical crisis. One reason people give for not buying life insurance is that it lacks an instant return. Yes, there is comfort in knowing that loved ones have been protected. But, the fact remains, the policyholder isn’t going to be around [...]