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5 Financial Strategies for Single Parents

When you’re a single mom or dad, managing your finances can be one of the most challenging responsibilities you have as a parent. Here are five financial strategies for single parents that can put you on the right path to security and stability. When you’re a single mom or dad, managing your finances can be [...]

5 Fantastic Financial Gifts for Graduates

As you begin to think about ideas for smart gifts for the graduate, consider one that is an investment in his or her future or one that can help manage the graduate’s current or anticipated expenses. With announcements and party invitations jam-packed in your mailbox, there’s no denying that graduation season has arrived. Gaggles of [...]

Saving Your Money and Relationships

While it may be complicated, your money and relationships can coexist. Money and relationships – it’s a complicated affair. Marriage comes with many challenges, but money seems to consistently top the list of struggles that couples routinely face. Sadly, it’s the leading cause of marital and relationship troubles. In fact, 40% of married couples have [...]

Financial Gifts for Kids

This Year, Why not Give Children Financial Gifts that will Keep Giving Long after the Holidays? We’ve all seen it or experienced it firsthand – the excitement of Christmas morning, children racing to the tree, anxious to play with the toys to be found there, but by afternoon the excitement has worn off, and the [...]

Teaching Children About Money

How to Transform Your Child into a Responsible and Smart Adult Consumer Teaching children about money is not a priority in America, and it needs to be.  The Council for Economic Education’s 2014 Survey of the States (released Feb. 12, 2014) confirmed what economist and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan has been [...]