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Why Are Many Americans One Emergency Away from Financial Ruin?

Many Americans are living so close to the edge each month that they are one emergency away from financial ruin. If the unexpected happened, would you have difficulty coming up with an extra hundred dollars? If you had an unexpected emergency, could you come up with $1,000? How about $500? Do you have money saved [...]

Money Mistakes College Students Make

Going to college can be exciting time but learning to avoid the money mistakes college students make can make campus life a lot more fun. For many teens, their college experience includes the introduction of budgeting, debt and other lessons in money management. With their newly found freedom and lack of financial experience, for many [...]

The Financial Challenges of the Sandwich Generation

Stuck in the middle - Managing the needs of your children and parents can be challenging emotionally and financially for the sandwich generation. Today, many adults find themselves caring for two generations of their family at the same time. Known as the sandwich generation, they’re stuck in the middle, looking after the needs of their parents [...]

Finding Funds to Pay for College

Finding funds to pay for college is rarely easy for anyone, especially with the rising cost of education. According to, today’s college education costs approximately $42,419 per year for a four-year private school and $18,943 per year for an in-state, four-year public school. Tuition and fees at today’s colleges continue to increase at approximately [...]

How to Keep your Wedding On Budget

Whether you have $500 or more than $5,000 to spend on your wedding, there are ways to keep your wedding on budget. When you “dream” about your wedding day, no one ever considers the price tag, do they? One day you’ll meet the perfect person and tie the knot in the most romantic venue, in [...]