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Specific money subjects, such as retirement, how to pay for college, and investing basics.

Blog – Maximize Your Savings When You Start Early

Saving for the future can be overwhelming. With so many competing priorities, it can be difficult to find the money to pay for even the basic necessities. Between living expenses, childcare, student loans and other commitments, resources get depleted quickly. Immediate financial responsibilities take priority over important financial opportunities. Saving money for future use never [...]

Talking to Your Spouse about Money Can Lead to Healthier Relationships

The key to a healthy and happy financial relationship is communication. How often do you and your spouse talk about money? If it’s not often enough, it’s likely because one or both of you thinks it will lead to an argument. According to a Kansas State University researcher, arguing about money is a slippery slope [...]

I’ve been Hacked. What Do I Do Now?

Yahoo Inc. recently reported that in 2014 at least 500 million of its user accounts had been hacked. It’s just the latest in a long line of large-scale data breaches. Every day secure accounts are hacked by technology ninjas. Sometimes they do it for personal gain. Other times, it’s just for fun. A 2014 report [...]

Tackle Your Student Loan Debt

Without a strategy for paying down student loan debt, it’ll feel more like an anchor than the life jacket it was designed to be. Graduating from college, or any post secondary school, is a time for celebration. You’ve worked hard, sacrificed much, and are theoretically ready to jump into the real world. But hold on [...]

Beat the Heat: 5 Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

As summer cranks up the heat, here are tips to lower your energy bill. When it comes to energy bills, the blistering heat of summer can be your wallet’s worst enemy. The hottest months of the year bring beach days, cookouts, and baseball games, but those sizzlin’ summer temperatures also give your energy bill quite a [...]