Maria Luz Riofrio

About Maria Luz Riofrio

When Maria Luz Riofrio came to United States eight years ago from Ecuador, she was determined to create a better life for her family. Her journey led her to become an integral part of both First Financial Security, Inc.’s Hispanic Outreach Program and LiSA Initiative. Maria has a strong desire to help others. She was no stranger to the difficulties that people, especially women, face. Then, she met First Financial Security Co-CEO and LiSA Initiative Chair Debbie Gerlicher. Debbie shared with Maria the power of the First Financial Security entrepreneurial opportunity, as well as the empowering work LiSA was doing to help families across the country. Maria saw meeting Debbie as the opportunity of a lifetime. She now had the chance to follow her passion and help others, especially those in her community. Her bright and optimistic personality and her life experience have inspired Maria to want to do more. Her firsthand knowledge of what many of people face in rebuilding their lives and careers has helped her form a strong connection of FFS’ field associates, as well as members of her community.

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