Laura Manzer

About Laura Manzer

Laura Manzer credits her educational background for instilling within her a passion for learning and strong interest in other people and different cultures. Both traits have served her well since she joined First Financial Security, Inc. after graduating from Wheaton College in Chicago. Laura’s first job at FFS was as an assistant in Sales and Events, and she quickly became a student of the business, absorbing every bit of knowledge from the Home Office leaders with whom she worked. Laura believes that no one should define success for another person. As she explains, “Always define your own dreams, chart your own path to success, and courageously run toward it.” These are words she has followed every step of her FFS career. After Sales and Events, Laura was asked to reorganize FFS’ New Business Department. That success led to a promotion to Director of Operations, where she applied the positive changes made in New Business to other areas within Operations. Among Laura’s strengths are her love of challenges and her determination to conquer any assignment given to her. In the fall of 2014, she received an opportunity that matched those strengths to a tee – heading up the newly created Department of Marketing and Communications. This role provides Laura with a new avenue to serve FFS’ field associates, and the chance to revitalize the First Financial Security, Inc. brand in the marketplace.

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