Jay Hosier

About Jay Hosier

As Manager of Agent Services for First Financial Security, Inc., Jay Hosier often gets to see the business through the same lens as the FFS entrepreneurs with whom he works. It’s this unique perspective that he says helps him lead his team and keep them focused on what’s important to associates building their own businesses. In his role, Jay manages and supervises the Licensing & Contracting, New Business and Field Support teams. He also heads up the Compliance department, helping associates navigate the regulatory environment, as well as staying abreast of corporate policies and guidelines. A native of Warwick, NY, Jay moved to Atlanta in 1997. He had been working for a stock brokerage firm in New York City, but was ready for a change. He brings nearly 20 years of industry experience to the organization and has worked in nearly all facets of the life insurance business. Jay attended Dakota Wesleyan University. On his days off, he enjoys going to the movies, swimming, bowling and other activities with his wife, Stephanie and 8-year-old son, Jay. Father and son share a love for baseball and spend a lot of time playing catch or at Jay Jr.’s games.

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