Debbie Gerlicher

About Debbie Gerlicher

First Financial Security, Inc. Co-CEO Debbie Gerlicher has always been an advocate at heart. After obtaining a degree in Political Science from Oregon’s Willamette University, she went to work for a state senator. But the wheels of politics moved too slowly, and Debbie soon became disillusioned by how difficult it was to affect real change in people’s lives legislatively. She found the perfect vehicle into which to channel her desire to help others – financial services and specifically, First Financial Security. From the company’s earliest days, Debbie gravitated toward the business model’s core principle – if you provide people with knowledge, tools and opportunity, they can create lasting financial security for themselves and change their families’ future for years to come. In her role as Co-CEO, Debbie’s focus is on Big Picture strategies and initiatives, such as the LiSA Initiative, a grass roots women’s movement that she chairs. By informing, educating and empowering women, LiSA helps women to take control of their finances and build better lives for themselves and their families. Developing a strong corporate culture for First Financial Security also is important to Debbie and a major part of her role as Co-CEO. As she explains, “For this to happen we need to ensure that we develop a corporate culture where inclusivity, innovation, excellence, integrity, and goodwill abound.”

Have a Boomerang Kid? You Still Need Life Insurance.

When adult children struggle financially, they look to the parents for support. This is true of the boomerang kid and the ones who live on their own. As a rule, the fewer dependents and debts you have, the less insurance you need. You reach retirement. You’ve paid off the home. Your children are grown and [...]

Money and Emotions

Don’t Let Money and Emotions Keep You from Achieving Financial Independence Money makes us feel. Whether we’re down to our last dollar or just received a bonus at work, we experience real emotions that may cover the entire spectrum – fear, anger, euphoria, joy, and many others.1 Recognizing that money and emotions are inseparably bound [...]

First Financial Security, Inc. Holiday Reflections

A Message of Holiday Reflections from First Financial Security, Inc. Co-CEO Debbie Gerlicher As another year draws to a close for First Financial Security, Inc., it’s normal to reflect on the past 12 months.  It’s not only normal, it’s healthy to take inventory over all that has transpired and evaluate our contributions to this little piece [...]

Financial Gifts for Kids

This Year, Why not Give Children Financial Gifts that will Keep Giving Long after the Holidays? We’ve all seen it or experienced it firsthand – the excitement of Christmas morning, children racing to the tree, anxious to play with the toys to be found there, but by afternoon the excitement has worn off, and the [...]

Teaching Children About Money

How to Transform Your Child into a Responsible and Smart Adult Consumer Teaching children about money is not a priority in America, and it needs to be.  The Council for Economic Education’s 2014 Survey of the States (released Feb. 12, 2014) confirmed what economist and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan has been [...]