Ben Cook

About Ben Cook

When he first started working for First Financial Security, Inc. in 2014, Ben Cook didn’t fully know what was in store for him. Riding an emotional high (after getting engaged 2 days earlier), he accepted a job with FFS working in the New Business department. His love for learning everything about anything (a trait he attributes to his degree from Wheaton College) and his keen eye for details served him well as he mastered New Business processes and workflows. He built valuable relationships with First Financial Security, Inc. associates as he worked closely with them on processing new applications. Now, as the Recognition Coordinator for First Financial Security, Inc., he gets to expand that view even wider. Ben is currently responsible for working closely with FFS home office staff and key field leaders in administrating and implementing creative ways to support and recognize the achievements of FFS’ field representatives. You can usually find Ben and his beautiful wife, Kirsten enjoying some sort of new and exciting food, exploring the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

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