About Financial Security First

We’ve all heard the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” At First Financial Services, Inc., we agree. It’s much better to teach a person how to do something for him or herself.

That’s why we’re committed to providing all Americans with a solid financial education. When people understand how money works, they can make smart decisions about their finances and put themselves on a path to a better financial future.

Located in northern Atlanta, First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) is a national brokerage agency that partners with some of the country’s leading insurance carriers. Together, we equip, train, and support thousands of FFS independent representatives who are licensed to deliver innovative financial products, concepts and strategies to households across America.

Founded in 2006 and led by Co-CEOs Phil and Debbie Gerlicher and President Meg Jones, First Financial Security has grown into one of the country’s premier financial services companies meeting the needs of all Americans. FFS offers an empowering entrepreneurial opportunity that allows individuals to build a business within our FFS business.First Financial Security, Inc. Headquarters in Norcross, Georgia.

We are committed to changing the face of insurance. We’re doing this by throwing open the doors to all people who want to make this industry their life’s work. We’re innovating by whom, to whom and how insurance is sold today.

At First Financial Security, Inc., we know we can achieve our goals by helping individuals and families put financial security first.