Monthly Archives: May 2017


The 7 Habits of Financially Successful Women

Taking responsibility for personal finances is only one of seven habits that financially successful women follow. Isn’t it time you incorporated these habits into your financial strategy? Financial success doesn’t occur by chance. It’s something that you consciously work toward every day and a process that takes time. It’s not one particular act of saving [...]

How Life Insurance Protects in Life and Death

Understanding how life insurance protects in life and death is the first step in creating a strong financial strategy for you and your family’s future. In simpler times, families relied on retirement plans, defined benefit plans and social security in times of need. Today, the economy has changed and there’s a strong push to become [...]

Understanding How Credit and Debt Work Can Lead to a Brighter Future

It’s important to thoroughly review credit card and loan offers before signing on the dotted line. When you understand how credit and debt work, you can keep your finances on track. Have you ever wanted or needed something and not had enough money to purchase it with cash? Sure. It could be as small as [...]

Banks and Credit Unions Can Help You Build a Secure, Financial Future

To make smart choices about your finances, you need to understand how banks and credit unions work. With this knowledge, put them to work for you and build a secure financial future. Your financial well-being depends heavily on a healthy balance of spending, saving and investing. When it comes to finances, however, many are hesitant [...]