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Create a Financial Budget that Helps You Live Below Your Means

Wealth is not simply your income, it’s also the money you accumulate through savings and investments. When you create a financial budget, you can grow your wealth by living below your means. Most people believe that wealth is measured by the amount of money you earn. Although that may be a factor, the more accurate [...]

Setting Financial Goals Today Can Lead to a More Secure Future

It’s important to be SMART when it comes to setting financial goals. It’s the key to creating a successful and secure future. I think most people would likely agree that we all have goals in life. Ask how they’re achieving those goals, and you might learn why so many people play the lottery. Wishful thinking [...]

Needs vs. Wants: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to needs vs. wants, most people know the difference, if they’re honest with themselves. That is, unless the want is so great that they convince themselves that it really is a need. How often do you catch yourself saying, “I need … a new outfit, a new golf club, or the latest [...]

Transitions: Veteran Entrepreneurs Find Success with Businesses of their Own

One of the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life is finding a new career. For Veteran Entrepreneurs, running their own businesses is a good option. Transitioning to life after military service can be challenging. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few years or a few decades spent in the military’s well-ordered world. Veterans [...]

Going It Alone: Preparing Financially for the Future without Your Significant Other

It’s a fact. Women live on average five years longer than men. Preparing financially for the future can improve the quality of those years. How long can you expect to live? According to the National Center for Health Statistics, it’s 76.3 years for men and 81.2 years if you’re female. Preparing financially for the future [...]