On behalf of the Gerlicher family, we’d like to wish you and your family happy holidays and a prosperous 2017.

The New Year is an exciting time for many people. It can offer a clean slate and the opportunity for a new beginning. For FFS, it’s the start of our second decade in business, which is exciting beyond words. It’s a milestone in our company’s history and an accomplishment that can only be attributed to the extraordinary efforts of our employees, field representatives and product providers.

Before we ring in the New Year, it’s important to reflect on what brought us to this point. Over the past 12 months, we’ve accomplished much to be celebrated.

In 2016 we grew by a record number of agents—a more than 200% increase in recruiting. That means twice as many people started their own financial services business this year than in previous years. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. And, FFS’ opportunity is attractive to people who want to build their own business and find financial success. We take pride in the fact that our employees and our field representatives are part of our extended family. We are grateful for those who join us every year.

We also welcomed Dave Wild, our new Director of Performance. He’s making strides working with the field and home office to implement strategies that will lead to increased performance. All of these things are part of a much bigger plan, though.

We’re clearly seeing a growing need among our clients for the products and services we offer. While that’s encouraging from a business standpoint, it’s extremely satisfying from a financial educational point of view. A critical part of our company’s mission is to teach our clients the importance of planning for their family’s financial future. We want to show them how effectively our life insurance products can fill that need. In 2016 alone, we’ve helped nearly 17,000 clients protect their families, achieve financial security, and secure peace of mind.

Looking forward, we’ll focus on growing and developing our next generation of top field leaders. We will challenge them to lead the way into the next decade and beyond. We’re excited about our Next Gen Next Ten leaders. They are ready to learn from the example set by our current top field leaders. These are the leaders who played major roles in our success during the last decade.

We are so proud of what you’ve accomplished this year. I hope you feel our appreciation for all that you do, not only during the holidays, but all year long. From our house to yours, have a wonderful holiday and a fabulous New Year!

Phil and Debbie Gerlicher


First Financial Security, Inc.