Monthly Archives: November 2016


Putting Charitable Gift Giving on your Holiday List

After all, it’s not the “getting” that’s important. It’s sharing our good fortune through charitable gift giving with friends and neighbors in need. We all know the holidays are a time for giving. This year, why not celebrate the season’s spirit by gifting presents that make a difference. Charitable gift giving is one way to [...]

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Women continue to earn less money than men, but the gender pay gap extends beyond the workplace. It significantly impacts retirement savings. It’s a well-documented fact. Through their working lives, women earn less than men.1 While it’s difficult for women who still work, the gender pay gap is a greater problem for retiring senior women. [...]

It’s Time to Flex Your Thanksgiving Muscle

Thankfulness is like a muscle. You have to use it regularly or it becomes stiff and out of shape. To return to peak gratitude form, it’s time to flex your Thanksgiving muscle. This week, families and communities all across America gather to celebrate Thanksgiving and the bountiful blessings we enjoy with food, football and fellowship. [...]

5 Ways to Serve up a Low-cost Thanksgiving Feast

Hosting family and friends for the holidays can be an expensive proposition. Here are five ways to serve up a low-cost Thanksgiving feast without breaking the bank. While Thanksgiving isn’t about over-the-top gift giving, it is about all-day feasting for a larger-than-average group of family and friends. It’s a time when people plan and look [...]

Black Friday Sales: A Must or a Bust

Once the leftover turkey and cranberry sauce has been put away, our thoughts turn to the Black Friday sales. But, are these mega sales worth it? It’s billed as the biggest shopping day of the year, but do you really find the best prices at Black Friday sales? With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, people are getting [...]