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5 Fantastic Financial Gifts for Graduates

As you begin to think about ideas for smart gifts for the graduate, consider one that is an investment in his or her future or one that can help manage the graduate’s current or anticipated expenses. With announcements and party invitations jam-packed in your mailbox, there’s no denying that graduation season has arrived. Gaggles of [...]

Retirement Gender Gap

Women from all generations have reason to be concerned about whether or not they’ll be ready for retirement due to the retirement gender gap. The annual Gender Gap in Financial Wellness report found encouraging signs of slight narrowing of the divide between men and women in 2015.1 Despite this good news, women still have a [...]

Tax Refund

5 Things to Do with Your Tax Refund You filed your taxes early and received a tax refund from the government. Will you spend it or save it? The average tax refund for 2016 is expected to be $2,9001. That’s a substantial amount of money to fall into your lap, especially all at [...]