Monthly Archives: January 2016


Money and Emotions

Don’t Let Money and Emotions Keep You from Achieving Financial Independence Money makes us feel. Whether we’re down to our last dollar or just received a bonus at work, we experience real emotions that may cover the entire spectrum – fear, anger, euphoria, joy, and many others.1 Recognizing that money and emotions are inseparably bound [...]

Warding off Threats to Your Retirement

With Proper Planning and Commitment, You Can Avoid Threats to Your Retirement If you ask 10 people how they’d like to spend their retirement, you’d get an equal number of different answers. But whether it’s traveling the world, or living a comfortable life closer to home, most will agree, they want to be financially secure [...]

Financial Resolutions

Make Financial Fitness Your Goal for 2016 by Setting and Keeping Financial Resolutions The beginning of each new year is traditionally reserved for making resolutions, usually of the personal kind. Exercise more. Eat less. But this year, we’d like for you to consider setting financial resolutions that will help get your finances back in shape. [...]