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First Financial Security, Inc. Holiday Reflections

A Message of Holiday Reflections from First Financial Security, Inc. Co-CEO Debbie Gerlicher As another year draws to a close for First Financial Security, Inc., it’s normal to reflect on the past 12 months.  It’s not only normal, it’s healthy to take inventory over all that has transpired and evaluate our contributions to this little piece [...]

Financial Gifts for Kids

This Year, Why not Give Children Financial Gifts that will Keep Giving Long after the Holidays? We’ve all seen it or experienced it firsthand – the excitement of Christmas morning, children racing to the tree, anxious to play with the toys to be found there, but by afternoon the excitement has worn off, and the [...]

Holiday Spending 2015

Americans Are Setting Holiday Spending Records in Their Haste to Find the Perfect Gift When the Gallup organization released its annual survey of American’s intended holiday spending last month, it found that U.S. adults were expected to spend, on average, more than $800 on gifts for friends and family. That number is higher than any [...]

Wrap up 2015 by Completing a Year-end Financial Checklist for Your Business

Whether you check it once or twice, make sure you have a year-end financial checklist. Though it’s been described in song, as “the most wonderful time of the year,” the holidays actually have us scurrying and dashing about from Thanksgiving to New Years. This month, it’s important to take time out from all the presents [...]