What Did the 5 Financially Successful Americans do Differently?

The following infographic “Reeling in the Years” is intriguing.  It provides an honest assessment of just how financially successful Americans are.  The statistics listed below, attributed to Earl Nightingale, track 100 Americans between the ages of 25 and 65.  At the age of retirement of these 100 Americans, 36 will be deceased, 54 will be financially insecure, and 5 Americans will still be working through their retirement. Only 5 Americans will be financially secure or financially independent.

This is both striking and startling.  Of course we ask, what did the 5 financially secure or independent Americans do differently?  Financial Security First has an answer.

Financial Security First

Reeling in the Years, 100 Americans

What did the 5 financially successful Americans do differently than the 95 others?  More than likely, they had an effective retirement strategy in place long before they retired.  Planning ahead for retirement provided them with security and the ability to make the most of their golden years.

If you do not already have a retirement strategy, or if you are unsure if the plan you have will last through your lifetime, talk to a financial representative today.  He or she can help you plan ahead and prepare so that you’ll live a financially secure and independent lifestyle long after the age of 65.

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